$115 / 6 Week Session Spring 1

$80/ Monthly as of May 2019

Saturdays 3 PM-3:55 PM


Tricking is a unique way for individuals to incorporate extreme movements with finesse and the tricksters own personal expression. No two trickesters are alike as the sport encourages creative expression of movement combined with intricate tumbling and body movement. Many tricksters (someone who practices tricking) come from a variety of backgrounds from martial arts, breakdancing and gymnastics to list a few. Do you want to learn how to do a 540 kick, Butterfly kick or twist. Or maybe move on to learn to do a Dragonfly or a Grandmaster swipe? Better yet do you just crave to do really fun movements that look awesome? Then Tricking is for you!

For the month of March EGS is offering the class for $25 per class.

This hour long classes will be held on Saturdays 3-4 PM.

There is no commitment, try it out! Take just 1 class or all 3!