Beginner Class Ages 5-16

55 Minute Class
$115/6 Week Session
$80/4 Week Summer Session

This 55 minutes class is designed as an introduction to tricking and will focus on the fundamentals and strength building. Emphasis will be placed on proper form and safety. Students will be challenged every class to success.

Class time:

​Saturday 1-1:55 pm

Intermediate Class Ages 8-17

55 Minute Class
$125/6 Week Session
$85/4 Week Summer Session

This class will expand on the basics learned in the beginner class. Flow in movement will become an integral part of this class and more intense body awareness to facilitate more difficult tricking skills.

Class times coming soon

​This class option is currently not available.



Tricking is an up and coming sport that allows you to physically express yourself both athletically and artistically. This fast and powerful form of movement merges kicks, flips, twists, and expressive groundwork into endless combinations that constantly challenge you to push your limits. Our tricking classes are open to every skill level and designed by Parkour champion and Certified Taekwon-Do black belt Coach Angel Rodriguez. Learn everything from basic kicks to mind bending combinations of groundwork, transitions, and aerial skills. Whether your goal is to just experience the sport, learn a backflip, or one day compete at the highest level ; this tricking class is the best place go.