This class is for any participant that just really wants to tumble and bounce in the air! Students will be taught the foundations needed to master flight with proper set up and rebound. Teaching students how to properly direct all that tumbling energy into something amazing.  At EGS your class instructors will focus on drills to build positive muscle memory by breaking down many tumbling elements to their base thus ensuring that students can keep building on their accomplishments to master more and more complex movements. Learn to Flip in the Air!

Flip In Air Flyers 

Flip In Air Extreme Flyer

​Ages 6-12

This class is for the flyer that has some experience and can already complete a backhandsrping and roundoff.

Saturday 2:00pm- 2:55pm

​$115/ 6 week Spring 1 Session
​$80/ Monthly as of May 2019

Flip In Air Novice Flyer

Ages 5-8

This class is for the beginner flyer.

Saturday 1:00pm- 1:55pm

$115/ 6 week Spring 1 Session

​$80/ Monthly as of May 2019