Join EGS Gymnastics for an hour of fun!

We will have some of our class instructors on hand with stations for exploring some of the skills taught in our classes. Our 11,000 sq. ft facility has multiple sets of equipment for ample opportunities for our participants to have time to learn and explore on them. Our instructors will be happy to answer questions from parents during the open house when the instructors are not directing a station. On site there are will also be pamphlets with more details about our different classes. Complimentary drinks and light snacks will be available in the lobby.

Why enroll your child in gymnastics?

There are many benefits to taking gymnastics classes for children of all ages. Gymnastics teaches children what they need to succeed at other sports because children learn how their body works.  Gymnastics teaches more than just learning a sport it develops a child’s overall strength and power as well discipline and time management all skills that everyone can use. Gymnastics participants also learn perseverance, gymnastics is not easy so children learn the value of working to accomplish a goal long term. Mastering those skills also builds self-confidence as students recognize that they are capable of accomplishing doing things they were not previously able to do by their hard work in a fun learning environment.  All children can benefit from a gymnastics class, regardless of where their passion for sports falls or does not fall.

Our Parent/Child classes are a great opportunity for you and your child to share time as your child develops coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, fitness, strength and power.  Gymnastics develops a strong foundation for skills needed in all sports. Oh! and not to mention it is FUN! Younger fun experiences with fitness help create a positive view of exercise for a potential to life long healthier choices towards exercise.

For our Tiny Tumblers gymnastics classes offer our participants many benefits in addition to the sports and fitness aspects of taking a class. Your child will learn to better deal with separation but in a small manageable environment that allows your child to be better prepared for those larger moments like starting pre-school or Kindergarten. Learning to follow directions; many of the obstacles courses and classes are taught in a manner that build on directions and children learn to follow multi-step instructions in a gradual and fun environment. While doing this they also learn about personal safety and following simple safety rules all the time. Another invaluable lesson taught is patience; learning to take turns and wait in small lines helps teach our tiny tumbler how to be patient in an environment that encourages patience. Team work and clean up are also modeled in our younger classes. We encourage our class members to work together and encourage one another while also having each child responsible for putting away smaller items like their mats for stretching.

EGS offers more than just Gymnastics classes! We offer other classes that have similar foundation of body movement and strength. Parkour and our Ninja Tricking at their core teach body awareness and strength and then direct that awareness toward specialized skill sets. Parkour, otherwise known as the art of movement, is the discipline of moving efficiently from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Our EGS Ninja Tricking; Tricking is an up and coming sport that allows you to physically express yourself both athletically and artistically. This fast and powerful form of movement merges kicks, flips, twists, and expressive groundwork into endless combinations that constantly challenge you to push your limits. Both classes are great classes to improve body awareness, strength, coordination and flexibility.

So, come on by see what EGS can do for your family! Look over the many classes we offer and if you are not sure what will be a good fit for your child feel free to reach out to us we can offer suggestions and also have the options for your child to attend a class in a trial. Our trial class cost is applied to your tuition if you decide to enroll.  

While your child is participating in class our lobby has several viewing areas. Down stairs in the entrance is a viewing area with some seats and in the hall way an area with windows that parents can stand and view classes as well. Our upstairs viewing balcony offers a bird’s eye view from above to the gym area that parents can see all events from. There are also tables and chairs upstairs for your convenience as well as free WIFI.

Join us on Saturday May 19th and see what EGS has to offer!

4750 Winchester Blvd. Frederick MD 21703: Just 10 minutes south of downtown Frederick right off of route 15 and Mountville rd. Only 20 Minutes from the North Frederick area by Worman’s Circle. Less than 15 minutes from areas near FSK Mall.

We are closer than you think!

Saturday May 19th 12-1 PM


​Open to the Public

EGS Open House