Class Registration Policies

1. Registration: ALL CLASS PARTICIPANTS MUST PRE-REGISTER! We can not reserve a spot for a child in any given class without pre-registration and payment in full. Registration must be completed through EGS online portal. If you are unable to complete a registration online from your location you are welcome to come to our location and complete it onsite via our IPAD. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the class you want to attend and let the front desk know you would like to enroll for a class. Payment will be requires upon registration. Effective May 2019: Once registered for a class participants are automatically enrolled from month to month. When a family decides they no longer want to continue just send an email by the 25th of the month to prevent the next month enrollment and billing. 

2. Pro-Rating:We do not pro-rate for any class. Should a participant register after the classes have been held they are offered to attend make-up classes in that session in a same level class offered at an alternate time or day or be given open gym pass or passes dependent on the number of classes that have already been held. Tuition rate will not be reduced. See more information about make up classes under 3. Make-up classes. Please talk to our front desk should you have any additional questions prior to enrolling.

3. Make-Up Classes: For any missed class, you may schedule a make-up class on another day during the same month. A make-up class can only be booked for classes that are not full, and have at least one participant registered. Make-up classes do not roll over into the next month. If you can not make it to the same class on a different day, or if a make up class is not available for the class you are registered for, you may request 1 "Free Open Gym Pass" in lieu of a make-up class. You may not receive a Free Open Gym Pass if the class has already been made up. It is your responsibility to obtain the Free Open Gym Pass prior to attending Open Gym. Only two-make up classes/Free Open Gym Passes per month

4. Drop-In Classes: If you do not wish register for an entire month, you may come for a "drop-in". All drop-ins must be booked in advance. Drop-ins are not allowed for classes that are full, or classes that do not have at least one participant registered. Drop-ins must be paid for at the beginning of the class. If a the person doing a drop in has a sibling enrolled in the current session or on one of the EGS gymnastic teams than the drop in fee maybe waived. Families may only have one drop in fee waived under this provision for the gymnastic season (which runs from July to June). If you choose to attend on a drop-in basis, please note that your spot in the class will not be reserved for the entire month. Those attending on a drop-in basis must still pay the annual registration fee after attending any additional drops after the first in the same gymnastic class or month.  

5. Refunds: No refunds will be granted after the first week of the month. Credits will be issued instead of refunds to those with certain issues (injury, health concern, family emergency, etc) that occur after the first week of a month. We must have proof of injury, health concern or emergency in order to issue a credit. We do not grant refunds or issue credit for missed classes not pertaining to an injury or emergency.

6. Family Discounts: We offer a family discount for our gym membership/registration fee. We also offer a class discount of 10% off any additional class registration during the same month. 

7. Registration Fee: All class participants must pay a registration fee upon registering for a class. The registration fee is renewed annually at the start of each Fall of the Year (The month of September). The current fee is $30 per gymnasts or $50 per family but costs are subject to change.

8. Bounced Check Fee: ​All bounced checks will have a fee of $20.00. This fee will be assessed to your account and you will be notified of the fee and contacted for alternate payment. Class participation can be suspended for non-payment until account is current or payment arrangements are made.

9. Spectator Policies: ​PARENTS/GUARDIANS are not allowed inside the gym training area unless they are part of the Parent & Child Class. Siblings or other children are not permitted in the gym training area unless they are enrolled in a class. There are 2 viewing areas for watching your gymnast participate in class: in our downstairs lobby or our upstairs viewing deck. For the safety of the other gymnasts training there are viewing rules that must be adhered to they are the following:

  • Please refrain from gesturing, signing or correcting your child while they are on the gym floor or equipment.
  • Please do not attempt to coach or speak to your child while in class. This interferes with your child’s attention on the task and on the instructor’s teaching. This distraction can also be dangerous and result in an injury to your child as well present a dangerous distraction to other gymnasts.
  • Flash photography is not allowed.
  • Please keep children not participating in class with you and under your supervision at all times.
  • We encourage all participants to arrive on time for class should circumstances arise and you arrive late please let the front desk person know and they will escort your child to their class. 

Spectators who are unable to abide by the viewing policies may be asked to leave.