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Anti-Bully Invitational Meet Results


EGS Hosts a Move Up Meet the beginning of every June. We hope you can join us.

Please note that Team Awards were only awarded to the top 3 teams that registered to compete as a team in that level. Not all gyms that had a qualifying team registered to compete as a team.

2017 Results Anti-Bullying Invitational
Level 2 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 2 Age 7 ABI. 2017
Level 3 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 3 Age 6-7 ABI 2017
Level 4 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 5 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 6 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 7 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 8 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 9 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 10 ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Silver ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Platinum ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Gold ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Diamond ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Bronze ABI 2017.pdf
Team Results

​​​​Anti-Bullying Invitational 2016 Results
Level 2 Results 
Level 3 Results
Level 4 Results
Level 6 Results
Level 7 Results 
Level 8 Results 
Level 9 Results 
Xcel Level Silver 
Xcel Level Gold 
Xcel Level Platinum