2019 Results 

2017 Results Anti-Bullying Invitational
Level 2 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 2 Age 7 ABI. 2017
Level 3 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 3 Age 6-7 ABI 2017
Level 4 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 5 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 6 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 7 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 8 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 9 ABI 2017.pdf
Level 10 ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Silver ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Platinum ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Gold ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Diamond ABI 2017.pdf
Xcel Bronze ABI 2017.pdf
Team Results

Parents with questions about results need to direct those questions to their coaches. Your gym should be where your first inquiry is sent.

All attending gyms were emailed all results several days after the meet.

Anti-Bully Invitational Meet Results


EGS Hosts a Move Up Meet the beginning of every June. This year's meet will be held June 15th & 16th, 2019.

We hope you can join us.

​​​​Anti-Bullying Invitational 2016 Results
Level 2 Results 
Level 3 Results
Level 4 Results
Level 6 Results
Level 7 Results 
Level 8 Results 
Level 9 Results 
Xcel Level Silver 
Xcel Level Gold 
Xcel Level Platinum